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We LOVE Dried Flowers

A simple, modern, design-led approach to displaying dried flowers in the home.

The Sustainable Story

Why Dried Flowers?

Inevitably shifts in fashion, style and design come along in all art forms that really take hold. Dried flowers have exploded onto the scene for good reason, not only do their aesthetics look relevant right now but they are a much more sustainable option due to their incredible longevity. Living a more sustainable life, the best we can, should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind right now and dried flowers fulfil that requirement beautifully.

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01. Sustainable

Our aim is to buy from small British organic flower farms whenever possible and we are committed to buying 100% organic and UK sourced dried flowers before 2022 (we regret that this was not possible this year as our business was not launched until well after the 2020 growing season had ended). Any UK based organic flower farmers please get in touch!

02. Inspirational

Good Roots strive to be much more than just a dried flower store. We aim to inspire our customers to create their own beautiful dried flower arrangements via our Instagram page and newsletter which showcase how to create simple, stylish designs with the minimum of effort or experience. If you need any advice just ask.

03. Beautiful

Even a single, perfectly positioned dried flower stem can make an impact. Choose your favourite vase and add a dried craspedia or poppy head for a simple investment in home styling. Alternatively, put together a few of your favourite dried flower stems to create a beautiful strong focal point.

04. Affordable

Unlike fresh flowers dried flowers will last for months and therefore become a much more affordable and sustainable option. Should you tire of any arrangement in the future you have the option to re-style the flowers however you wish. As an additional bonus, if you want to replace your dried flowers you can always re-gift them to a friend… she’ll never know!