“Inevitably shifts in fashion, style and design come along in all art forms that really take hold. Dried flowers have exploded onto the scene for good reason, not only do their aesthetics look relevant right now but they are a much more sustainable option due to their incredible longevity. Living a more sustainable life, the best we can, should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind right now and dried flowers fulfil that requirement beautifully”.


My LOVE of dried flowers started several years ago. I was drawn to their faded colours and natural decayed aesthetics. I have become obsessed, I have them everywhere in my home! I favour displaying them with a light hand, sparingly across many different vessels so as not to overpower but to bring interest and intrigue that may not be apparent until you get up close. A sustainable, permanent decoration that brings movement, sculpture and nature into your home that isn’t throwaway or ostentatious.

Having studied Fashion and founded a design-led floristry and lifestyle business 15 years ago. I am naturally observant in the aesthetics of everything I see from everyday objects, architecture, branding and packaging. Particularly drawn to a natural colour palette, interesting textures and authentic simple design. It is no wonder then I instantly fell in love with dried flowers. Excitedly introducing them to my customers not as an alternative to fresh flowers but as a strong design statement in their own right.

Dried flowers have become so dominate in my product range it felt natural to create a brand all of their own. An idea that coincided with the timely meeting of James, a web designer, who instantly appreciated my enthusiasm for dried flowers. Was inspired to consider the idea of us partnering our complimentary skills to create a dried flower business. The name GOOD ROOTS had already been born years previously, which James took and developed into the ace logo we now have. Living on a sailboat in Ibiza off grid, James feels particularly passionate about the sustainability merits of dried flowers, as well as being involved with a natural, beautiful product.

Whilst we have clear roles in the business, James website and marketing, me product buying, design and photography. We both have a real affinity for each other’s expertise, often seeking each other’s opinion to achieve a stronger outcome. Managing every aspect of the business ourselves often in areas we have no formal training in such as photography and marketing can be challenging but very rewarding when we think we have got it right.

Our mutual love of music couldn’t help but sneak its way into the Good Roots vibe, it seemed natural to us. Music, art, fashion and design are so closely linked, it had to be part of our Good Roots journey.

James a self-professed record collector who has DJ’d intermittently most of his adult life. His obsession with house music as a teenager, developed into a much more sophisticated range and knowledge of 60’s soul, funk, reggae, and folk.

I on the other hand would describe myself as a lazy music lover, discovering sounds by chance. Building on my love of the beautiful ‘Bristol’ sound from Massive Attack, Tricky and Portishead. More recently Jazz instrumental bands such as Go Go Penguin and Portico Quartet, to the wonderful emotional intensity of Nick Cave. I naturally gravitate to the melancholy which James secretly likes but can cause many disagreements between us, particularly after a couple of glasses of red wine! Check out for our playlists on Spotify, we may have a stand-off. Although if I don’t win the competitive streak in me might never recover!

Written by Jane about myself, James and Good Roots.

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