Dried Flower Bouquet – Light


Our dried flower bouquets are made by hand to order, making everyone unique. Dried Flower Bouquet – Light includes honesty, canary grass, palak, umbels, teasels, scabious, miscanthus, acroclinium daisies. Occasionally dried flower substitutions may occur subject to availability.

Want to create a focal point in your home with minimal effort? Our hand-tied dried flower bouquets are the simplest way to create this. Simply put in a vase and display anywhere in your home. For a more relaxed look, hold the bouquet (be careful not to let go) whilst cutting the string that binds it and place into your vase. The stems will fall in a much more natural and loose way, which we think looks more organic and modern.

Overall length approximately 35cm


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A benefit of dried flowers is they last a long time. Should you tire of this arrangement in the future, you have the option to deconstruct and distribute the flowers and grasses amongst several vases and jars around your home to achieve a minimal look.

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